Generating a Concept Analysis

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The Analytics feature will generate an analysis of the top concepts and sentiment around the responses that fall in that concept. To create a concept analysis, go to the Analytics tab, fill out the name of your Concept Analysis, and select how many concepts you would like. You may add additional filters to what data the analysis is run on, then, click "Create Analysis". (Note, your analysis must have a minimum of 250 text responses)

You're well on your way! Click Next for the next step.

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When your analysis has finished generating, click the blue arrow icon on the right side to enter the concept analysis.

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To examine a specific concept in depth, click on it. To view a specific sentiment for that concept, click on the specific color (for example, click the green bar to view positive sentiment).

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This will then populate the responses from the concept. Click on the response to view more details.

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From here, you can see the full response and can copy the quote to your clipboard, pin the post for the workbench, or click the "View Original" button to see the context of the post in the activity.