Leaving an Insight

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Insights allow moderators to mark responses or media that stands out. Examples for use include a description of why the response was meaningful, or to make a note for other moderators to see. Your insights will appear in the responses tab and are included in the Crosstab report.

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Start by clicking the Add Insight icon in the bottom left corner of a participant's reply.

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You can type your insight into the box and/or add an insight tag. Insight tags allow you to filter the insights that you create in your reporting later. There is also a box to make an insight public - this makes it so that the insights are visible to observers on the project as well. When you are finished, click save.

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After your insight is saved, you can add another comment where it says "Reply here..." to have a discussion on any insights that are made. Additionally, when you open the insight panel, if you click on the insight, it will take you directly to that post. If you need to edit an insight, you can click the dots at the top right.