Using Rotation Blocks

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On the Edit tab of your event, you'll have the option to create a Rotation Block. Sections inside of Rotation Blocks will be rotated. To get started, click the "Create Rotation Block" button.

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You will create a name for your Rotation Block. You can modify the start date. The open date for the block needs to fall between the Events open and close date. When you are ready, click "Create Rotation Block".

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Once your Rotation Block has been created, you can add sections into it. Sections can be added into the block directly or can be created on their own and added into the Rotation Block later. To create a section inside of a Rotation Block, click "Create Section".

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You will create a name for your section. You can modify the start date. When you are ready, click "Create Section".

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A Rotation Block is denoted by this logo and the name of the Rotation Block appearing in bold. If you want to remove a section from a Rotation Block, click the ellipsis menu on the section you want to remove. 

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This menu is where you can Edit, Delete, or Remove from the Rotation Block. If a section doesn't belong to a Rotation Block, this is the menu you will access to add it to one. 

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When viewing the Responses tab, you will know if a section was apart of a Rotation Block if this logo with the name of the block appears on the right side of the section header.