Creating Video Insights

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From the responses view, click on the piece of participant media that you want to make an insight on.

You're well on your way! Click Next for the next step.

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Click "Add Insight" to add an insight to the clip

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Drag the handles on the video player to the section of the video that you are wanting to make the insight on.

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When you are finished, click the save button to make the insight. This will also make a clip that can be downloaded from the media gallery. 

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 You can also download your insight by clicking the download icon after you save your insight. 

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For videos with transcripts on them, you can create an Insight highlight. Do this by highlighting the text and clicking the “Add Insight” button.

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 Once you create your insight, click “Save”.

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 Once you have saved your Insight, the text you selected will be highlighted and the insight will appear in the panel on the right hand side.