Alchemer (Formerly SurveyGizmo) QualLink Instructions

QualLink is a service that is part of QualBoard Unlimited or available ad hoc. If it is a feature you would like to use, please speak with your account manager.

Step 1: Set Hidden Values

On the first page of your survey, create separate Hidden Value Actions for each of the following:

  • ApiKey - This can be generated and copied from the Project Settings in QB4
  • EventId - This is found under the Event Settings in QB4
  • SetTempPassword - if you would like for new QB4 users to have a temporary password automatically displayed to them, set as true
  • ResponseFormat - 1
  • LanguageCode - currently only English is supported, so set as en

Step 2: Program Questions

Program your survey as usual, but you must ask the following fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

Step 3: Group Tags

QualLink allows you to pass group tags directly from your survey into QB4. If you want to pass group tags, create one Hidden Value Action where you will combine any responses you want as a group tag. Inside of the Hidden Value Action use merge codes to grab the answer to the question you want as a group and separate them all with a comma. The final product will look like this:

It is important to note that this must come after the page with the final question the tag is being generated from and before the page with the Webhook Action. 

Step 4: Webhook Action:

Before the end of the survey, create a page with a Webhook action on it to pass the data over to QB4. Below are setup instructions:

Method: Get


Fields to pass:

Variable Name
First NameFirstName
Last NameLastName
Display Name (can be first name)DisplayName
Group TagsGroupTags

Step 5: Displaying Temporary Password:

On the same page as the Webhook Action (immediately after it) create a Hidden Value Action to hold the temporary password. Go back to edit your Webhook Action. At the bottom, under "What do you want to do with the data/content returned from the URL?" select "Use it to pre-populate the following questions:"

From the dropdown, select your Hidden Value Action you just created. Under "Filed Name" type password

With the temporary password, as soon as a user logs in, they will immediately be required to set a new password.

Step 6: Inviting the User

After you have saved your action, on the final page of your survey, write a message welcoming the participant to the project. Be sure to utilize merge codes to display the users email as their username and grab the password from the hidden value action that was set up in Step 5.

We also encourage you to utilize the Send Email Action to send the information to the user as well in case they don't login immediately.

For further documentation visit 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email