Taking a photo or video on your desktop or laptop

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To capture an image or video from your desktop or laptop, click “Camera”.

You're well on your way! Click Next for the next step.

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If you get a request to let QualBoard use your camera and/or microphone, click “Allow”.

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Use the tabs at the top to select whether you want to take a photo or a video.
*In Browser Video Capture is not currently supported in Safari. In Safari to upload a video please take it using a different method such as a mobile device and follow the image upload instructions here.

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If you want a countdown for when the picture or video will be taken, click the settings button, then click the box for "Use Countdown". Now when you click the "Take Photo" button, it will countdown for 3 seconds before taking the picture.

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To capture your photo, click the “Take Photo” button.

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After taking the picture or video, click the blue "Upload and Attach" button to add it to your response. If you want to take it again, click the discard button and start the process over.