How is the Ranking Question Score Calculated?

The score of the ranking question uses a weighted calculation. The higher an item is ranked, the higher the value. The score is the sum of all of the weighted values across all responses. The amount that each value is weighted is determined based off of the number of answer options that are ranked by the participant.

For example, in the question below there are 4 options. If all 4 options are ranked, then the top option is worth 4 points, the second option is worth 3, and so on.

When items are not ranked (e.g. please rank your top 3 out of a list of 6 options) then points are only given based on the number of options that are selected. In the example below, the top options is only worth 3 points because only three options are selected. Any items that are not ranked are given a score of 0.

To calculate the final score from our breakfast drink example above, the weight of each answer option is calculated like this:

Total ResponsesxWeight=
Times Ranked 1stx3=
Times Ranked 2ndx2=
Times Ranked 3rdx1=

+Total Score (Milk)