Creating a QualLaborate Question

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From inside of a Group Discussion when making a new question, select QualLaborate from the drop down menu. 

You're well on your way! Click Next for the next step.

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Begin by creating a title for your canvas. This title is shown to participants.

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You then will need to upload the stimuli that you want the participants to markup. To do this, click "Click to Upload"

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Select the image you want to add and then click Attach.

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Click "Add First Impression (Optional)"  to add a first impression. A first impression asks the participant to give their overall feelings as soon as the stimulus is shown to them.

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After adding the first impression, you can enable if you want the participant to leave an emoji and/or a comment of their first impression.  

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Next, add instructions to the participant for how you want them to mark up the stimuli. 

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You can then enable or disable Marks or Highlights. Marks pinpoint one spot in the stimuli that they can comment on. Highlights let the participant select an area of the stimuli that they are able to comment on.  You can also change the colors and icons for the marks as well as the colors for the highlights.

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Once you've finished, click Save.

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Finally, once the question has been saved, you can click Preview to test the participant experience of QualLaborate without your responses being saved.