Seeing Another User's Dial-In Information

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Once inside your QualMeeting interview, you will have the option to view another user's dial-in information. Observers are unable to dial into a video chat, so this isn't available for them. To view a user's dial-in information, start by clicking on the ellipsis menu next to the user's name.  

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Inside the menu, click "Show Dial-In Information"


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To copy the information to your clipboard, click "Copy to Clipboard". If you want to email this information to the user, click "Email User".

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You can add any additional information to the email. Once you are ready to send click, "Send" at the bottom of the screen. 

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If you have a user who is unable to join on a computer, but would like to join by phone, click the User's button in the bottom row. Then click the ellipsis button next to the user you want to get the information for. Click "Show Dial-In Information" and it will display.