Getting Started

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What are the Event Types in QualBoard?
Find out the difference in a Group Discussion, Diary, Quick Poll, Video Chat, and Crowd Survey.
What are the Question Types on QualBoard?
Descriptions and examples of the different question types available.
Creating a Group Discussion
How to create a Group Discussion, add questions, and set attributes for questions.
Setting up a Diary
How to create, add questions, and set options on your Diary.
Uploading Media
How to attach videos, images, or documents to your tasks.
Following Up to a Respondent
How to leave a follow-up to a respondent's response to a task.
What do my participants see?
What the participant experience looks like.
Updating Your Profile
How to update your avatar, name, country, time zone, or password.
Using Question Logic Rules
How to only show a question based off of the answer to a previous question.
Using Group or User Logic Rules
How to limit a question to specific users or groups.
Creating an Agreement
How to create and export an agreement
Project Notification Settings
How to change what notifications each user level can receive.
Managing Notifications
How to adjust your notification preferences.
Group Tag Management
How to create and view group tags
AI used in QualBoard
See how AI enhances your experience with QualBoard