Popular Articles

  1. Uploading Media

    How to attach videos, images, or documents to your responses.
  2. When can I expect payment?

    Who to reach out to regarding payment for your study.
  3. Responding to an activity

    How to complete your activity.
  4. What are the Question Types on QualBoard?

    Descriptions and examples of the different question types available.
  5. Accepted Media Formats

    List of file extensions that can be uploaded to QualBoard.
  6. Generating a Report

    How to generate a PDF, Excel, or Crosstab report for your event.
  7. Creating an Insight

    What an Insight is and how to create one.
  8. Viewing an Activity

    Taking a look at the options to view the responses to your event.
  9. Setting up a Group Discussion

    How to create a Group Discussion, add questions, and set attributes for questions.
  10. What are the Event Types in QualBoard 4?

    Find out the difference in a Group Discussion, Diary, Quick Poll and Video Chat.